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How are Phili and Phili daily paper today?

How are Phili and Phili daily paper today?

Me <> / 2010-09-23 21:17:04

'bidding philadelphia inquirer' - CHECK HOW WELL IS LARGER

Phili is more beautifull now than ever, improves day by day; we also
have provocators there that make it look like a crime is high, while
they do the crime.
Commisioner Ramsey is not slepping and it is not as if they run the

City did not reach potential - space, design, architecture, computers,
international meeting place ( did you see last Marathon one in years -
they will not tell you how many countries there as it was more than
states - these in 30 ties); incredible arts that lately compete with
outdoors ideas of Chicago;

The reflective skyscapers in gold or silver ( obvieusly impact of
The real estate boom is not in hands of the bailout; ( Instead, Obama
is in the grip of the change nonsense and has to answer some questions
here , finelly)

The Liners can dock there one by one but we have seen more over night
- they go all the way from the Great Lakes, as far as we can see but
might be pass that 'horizon'. The view from the River and from accross
the river is unbeatable.
People sit all night just to see it. It is played up too.

Some wekends look like the 'Sail' operation again - magnificient boats
from the numerous marinas around; including amny tiny ones that make
up the picturesque mood, even withoit additional art. Music on both
Gliders do o'k althought not recommended as water is overused and not
always clean enough ( these think that NJ is also Phili, as the other
side is great too).
The Bridge competes with Verezano, but is the walking bridge, what
foreign turists like. Students pick accross for the ideas. We wanted
that way - Phili best in computer design ( when you know where to find
these) and in mobile design
( other school), and has art schools of all levels ; Camden -
and business techno, social sciences, theater and more. Phili has much
much more as there are many universities - these under the radar now.

Not indiffernt info - new health conscieusness reflected already in
nature , cleanleness, the all healty side bars and farm stands
everywhere; parks
now full of Tai Chi and whatever figured. Etc.

It is down-top process that does not stop - it tool some bite at Wall
Street, and that is how Bloomeberg overreacted.
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after all. If there's anything substantial to take from Tuesday
evening's bombshell dropped ... are_making_bid_to_win_now.htmlPerelmans
join investors bidding for newspapers | Philadelphia ...

Apr 26, 2010 ... The creditors' bid, a company official testified in
court ...
Perelman bidding again to buy Philadelphia newspapers ...
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Lenders bid $105 million for Philadelphia Inquirer, Daily News ...Sep
23, 2010 ... PHILADELPHIA - Creditors have posted an opening bid of US
$105 million in cash for The Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia
Daily News, ...
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Lenders bid $105M for Philadelphia Inquirer, Daily News,
Perelman ...Sep 23, 2010 ... PHILADELPHIA ? Philanthropist Raymond
Perelman has increased his cash bid to $85 million for The
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APNewsBreak: Lenders, Ray Perelman said to have bid for ...Sep 22,
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Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Daily News is $50 million
cash. ...

Philadelph ia Newspapers Bankruptcy: Creditors Win Bid,
Publisher ...Apr 28, 2010 ... NEW YORK ? Creditors won the frenzied
bankruptcy auction for Philadelphia's two major newspapers with a $139
million bid on Wednesday, ... -
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